Robert Writes a Book – Bonus Edition


When I first started this little project, I didn’t think that it would consume me as much as it has. I figured I’d start off like gangbusters – like I did that first day – but eventually slow down and eventually peter out to nothing. Just like everything else that I start and never finish. Nevertheless, this is the longest that I have ever consistently written, and that’s coming from a person whose livelihood used to be based on (mostly) daily writing about stocks and investing.

About a week into this thing, and based on the favorable reaction that I’ve received when I’ve shared my daily updates, I decided that I would share something from this (as yet untitled) fiction book that I’ve started writing. Parts of this have been shared with someone, who gave it generally great reviews – though he did see it before I doubled the length and added some other stuff. So, without further ado and after the break, please feel free to read the “Prologue” to the book. It has been lightly edited and most likely not in its final form, but I welcome any and all comments that you might have. Thanks for following along to this point, and I hope that this little snippet piques your interest further. Continue reading

So About That Book…

Don’t worry, handful of people that actually care about the book I’m writing. I’m not ending things (yet). I should hopefully get back to writing it sometime in the next couple of days, but I guess that all kind of depends on my mood.

Honestly, I wish this was an update on the book, another 1,000 words about some bullshit that will probably never see the light of day in book form. But the world is too sad for me right now. I can’t find a place where I can make a fictionalized version of the world that isn’t influenced by all the nonsense and garbage that is currently happening in this country.

The plan was, eventually, to set the book in around 2007 or so, or at least most of the story, so that I could try and avoid the real world for a minute. Maybe the third sequel will cover the election of Trump and our descent into fascism, but by then, I might not be able to write anything that even resembles a critique of our current president. Continue reading

Robert Writes a Book – Day 15


If you missed my special preview of the book’s “Prologue,” feel free to read it here.

I wasn’t going to write anything, but I didn’t want to have another empty day, so I sat down and wrote something. Whether or not it stays in the story as is, or in the same spot, remains to be seen, but it was nice to get more down regardless.

I’ve spent the past couple of days writing about the female characters in my main protagonist’s life, and I continued expanding on that today. I’m not terribly happy with how it turned out, but I’m nowhere near the end yet, so it probably won’t matter.

Total words written: 20,206 (+832 from yesterday)
Daily average: 1,347 (down from 1,384)
Approximate days to end goal: 103+
Approximate days to next reveal: 18+


Robert Writes a Book – Day 14

It probably would have made more sense to build a timeline for my book before I got this far into it, but I suppose now is better than never. Only had to make slight modifications to make the current story fit my ideal timeline, so no harm, no foul.

Aside from building said timeline, I wrote some more, correcting some of the continuity flaws that resulted from building a timeline after being 18,000 words into a book. But I still managed to add almost a thousand words to this monster, which currently sits at 59 pages as currently formatted! Continue reading