FR: Get All Your Financial Solutions From One Company

Article: Get All Your Financial Solutions From One Company

My final “Fool Revisited” piece for the week is a look at financial company Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU). I’m almost positive this was another sector piece, though it could have easily been based on a recent earnings result or news that Intuit was now paying a dividend. Hard to say for sure these 6+ years later.

Intuit really is a leader in financial software for both companies and individuals. This time of year, they are probably best known for TurboTax, the software that allows millions of people each year to file their own taxes. They also produce professional tax solutions for paid preparers – ProSeries and Lacerte, as well as small business accounting leader Quickbooks. Finally, up until its sell to private equity in 2016, they also made Quicken, which has allowed people to track personal banking and investments for over two decades, though the hip people these days have moved on to things like Mint, itself another Intuit product (which it acquired in 2009). Continue reading

FR: Don’t Fear the Megalopolis

Article: Don’t Fear the Megalopolis

The next article I’m going to look for “Fool Revisited” at helps illustrate how an idea turns into an article. I believe we had completed a sector class on utilities and had an assignment to write about utility companies as investments. Utilities are often favorite companies of people seeking reliable and sustainable yield in their investments, primarily because utilities are so regulated but they provide services that a lot of people can’t do without. But it would have been easy to write an article about “The BEST Dividends in Utilities” or something like I had done in the past with other sectors – and this kind of ended up being that anyway – but I decided to take a different approach.

I’m pretty sure I read some article or saw this page on Wikipedia to develop the premise for my article. As mentioned in my article, the northeast corridor between Washington, DC and Boston contains a bunch of people: approximately 1/7th of the US population resides along this stretch of I-95, and a lot of U.S. “production” – at least on a GDP basis – comes out of the area. I figured that would be a good thing to base an article about utilities on, because those 50 million+ would sure generate/need a lot of utility services. Good thought, though maybe I didn’t quite execute as well as I hoped. Continue reading

FR: 3 Aerospace and Defense Stocks Near Lows and Paying Dividends

Article: 3 Aerospace and Defense Stocks Near Lows and Paying Dividends

As teased in my previous Fool Revisited” piece, today’s first entry is another sector article from the “aerospace and defense” industry. The premise, as indicated by the title, was identifying stocks in the sector near their 52-week lows that paid large dividends, or at least dividends large for the sector. Though I charted up seven companies – the max allowed under Fool’s “tickering” rules at the time, I identified three of the seven and told a bit more of a story about them.

NOTE: I currently work for the Air Force and the three companies profiled here are often prime contractors for the Air Force on various weapon systems, but I have no inside information about upcoming contracts that may influence the performance of these stocks going forward. Continue reading