FR: Turn Trash Into Treasure With This Stock

Article: Turn Trash Into Treasure With This Stock

My next “Fool Revisited” piece was one that was inspired by something I read at the time. We were taught during our Writer’s Development Program that one of the best ways to become a better writer was to read more. By exposing yourself to different writing styles and word usage, it can sometimes make it easier to craft sentences and make points, as well as inspire pieces for your own writing that piggyback off similar ideas.

This article was exactly that. I believe I read a Forbes article about Swisher Hygiene under the stewardship of Wayne Huizenga, a co-founder of Waste Management and serial entrepreneur. Because of his success at previous businesses – Blockbuster and AutoNation were other successes for him – I thought it might make an interesting case study to look if he could bring his magic touch to the small-cap Swisher Hygiene, a service company that did various commercial cleaning tasks for smaller businesses in smaller markets. Continue reading

FR: 6 Safe Stocks From the Hottest Dividend Sector

Article: 6 Safe Stocks From the Hottest Dividend Sector

My next “Fool Revisited” piece is another “screener” piece about a sector. The “hottest dividend sector” mentioned in the headline is REITs, which are a special kind of entity that are (typically) prized for their dividend yields. But instead of simply plugging in the mortgage REITs that were (and still are) in the news, I wanted to look for relatively “safe” investments in some of the other REIT segments.

Safe is a loaded term obviously, but in this context, I was looking for REITs that weren’t reliant on interest rate spreads to maximize profits. One of the best business models (in my humble opinion) for long-term sustained wealth in this country is to have someone else pay your mortgage(s), and if you can find an industry with specialized buildings, even better! Instead of being at the whims of interest rates and capital availability, as long as you can find a tenant for your office building, you should be golden.

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