TDOH: Ranking the Characters of Hamilton

Note: Take a look at this post to know what I am trying to do with these posts over the next two weeks – and beyond!

The musical Hamilton is very fluid with some of the facts surrounding the man himself, and some of the choices that Lin-Manuel Miranda made in moving the timeline around a bit and making different people do the things that others did in real life help tell a better story. Two big changes jump out: Angelica Schuyler’s appreciation of Alexander Hamilton the man is presented as almost a missed connection in a sense, whereas in real life, she was already married with a couple of kids by the time that Alexander met Eliza. Second, the Reynolds Affair was discovered by James Monroe and a couple of others in real life, whereas the musical presents Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as being the prompt for the Reynolds Pamphlet.

But in this post, I want to rank the “main” characters in the musical, based solely on the songs they sing and all that (seeing as how I’ve yet to actually see the musical). The musical has four double-use roles, where the same actor plays a different character in Act 1 than they do in Act 2. I will be ranking the characters and not actors, so there are 14 total roles to rank, and like most ranking we’ll go in reverse chronological order.

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