Hamilton: An American Musical Review

Note: This is the final (bonus) post in my “Ten Days of Hamilton” series.

I had the pleasure of finally seeing Hamilton: An American Musical. We saw it on April 14th during the matinée performance as it stopped by the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. The venue was great. Our seats were great. The whole experience was great, even if we were a little rushed and arrived only a few minutes before everything kicked off.

As the light went down, Kim turned to me and asked if I was going to cry. I, of course, said no, and immediately started getting teary when those first few notes of “Alexander Hamilton” hit and Aaron Burr takes the stage. It probably took about half the opening song to get used to the various performers and their difference from the cast recording. But everyone was great. King George was even better than I had imagined in my head, and probably is underrated in my recent rankings.*

*I’d probably move him up to about 7 or so, as well as bump Eliza to the top. Maybe shift some others around in the middle as well. Continue reading