Picking a Football Club – Quarterfinal 1

Today’s matchup is between the 1-seed Burnley and the 8-seed West Ham United. First, a tale of the tape (most information from this wonderful post):


Nickname: The Clarets
Founded: 1882
Location: Burnley
Team Colors: “Claret” Red / Blue
Kit Manufacturer: Puma (since 2010)
Primary Kit Sponsor: LaBa360
Ground: Turf Moor (capacity 21,994)
Manager: Sean Dyche (since 2012)

West Ham United

Nickname: The Hammers/The Irons
Founded: 1895 (as Thames Ironworks)
Location: London
Team Colors: Red (Claret) / Blue
Kit Manufacturer: Umbro (since 2015)
Primary Kit Sponsor: Betway
Ground: London Stadium (capacity 60,000)
Manager: Manuel Pellegrini (since 2018)

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Picking a Football Club, Part 2

If you’ve been following along, I’m trying to decide on a favorite English Premiere League club. I have narrowed the list down to eight clubs, and you can read up why I eliminated the other 12 here.

As a reminder, here are the remaining eight clubs in alphabetical order:

AFC Bournemouth
Crystal Palace
Leicester City
Newcastle United
West Ham United

Starting this week, these eight teams will be entering into a tournament of sorts. I have used SIX different factors (weighted by importance to me) to seed the teams, and these factors, as well as some qualitative factors about each team, will help determine who moves onto the semifinal next week. This post will explain the initial six factors that I used, as well as my reasoning behind why certain things may be more important than others. I am hoping that I will have my team figured out by Wednesday of next week, just in time to really get invested in my new team for the three weeks until the season kicks off in the middle of August.

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Picking a Football Club, Part 1

Now that I have decided to invest my sports fandom in English football, I need to identify to team. Or, as a friend put it, have a team find me. This first cut will be 12 teams, and I will further narrow it down to My New Favorite Team™ within the next few weeks, hopefully before the season kicks off on august 10th.

With 20 teams to pick from, it would be in my best interest of finding a way to eliminate teams quickly to narrow my focus. Instead of exploring the histories of all the teams, I can narrow my list a bit, making it easier to find a story that captivates me enough to become a fan. After all, this is a fandom that will pass from generation to generation, whether or not Lincoln wants to become a soccer football fan or not. Continue reading

An Introduction to My New Football Fandom

A short break from book updates to bring you something else.

I’ve decided that it’s time for a new sport fandom in my life. Baseball, something that I have been a casual fan of for most of my life, just isn’t all that interesting to me anymore. I never got into hockey, and I don’t have plans to do so. The NFL is still super huge, but the concussion stuff and other issues surrounding the league have also dampened my enthusiasm. The NBA is still fun to watch – and I look forward to seeing what the Jazz can accomplish this year in the shadow of the Golden State Warriors – but regular season basketball is a long slog for the most part and things only matter come playoff time, in which the Warriors will run roughshod over everyone and win the third title in four years.

Hard pass.

So I’ve decided that it’s time to get interested in the other football. I could make it easy and get fuly invested in our local MLS team Real Salt Lake. They’ve even had some success, winning the MLS Cup in 2009 and having some second place finishes in other Cups along the way. But MLS is still not quite a top flight league when compared to the rest of the world, with “premiere” players only coming to the United States at the end of long careers in Europe after their peak earning potential has run out. Continue reading