Robert Writes a Book – Day 12

I spent the day doing actual work, but during lulls, I somehow managed to write more than I have since last Tuesday.

In today’s part of the story – without revealing too much – I fleshed out a relationship a bit that seemed pretty shallow originally, especially in light of what I wrote yesterday. And I’m not quite done with today’s section either, so hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow.

In total, I wrote 2,045 words today, the 4th best day since I started writing this thing. I am up to a total of 17,094, which means I halved the potential days to the first reveal. (Now I just need to figure out what to share when that milestone rolls around).

Now for the stats for the nerds out there:

Total words written: 17,094
Average words written overall: 1,425 per day (up from 1,368)
Average words written on 8 “writing days”: 2,137 per day (down from 2,150)
Days to goal using overall average: 100+
Days to 20k and first reveal: 2+

Robert Writes a Book – Day 11

I took the weekend off to spend some time with friends and family, so I’m a little off of my previous pace now, but I still had an above average output today.

Today, I started by rearranging some things and editing some of the stuff so that it flows a little better chronologically. There’s still some work to do; my last two chapters are currently too short and without titles, but I’ll keep working on them as I try to find the story.

All in all, I wrote 1,410 new words today, so I’m up to a grand total of 15,049! Still not quite to 10% of my goal, but 75% of the way to sharing something with y’all out there that care about this little undertaking.

Now for the stats for the nerds out there:

Total words: 15,049 (+1,410)
Average words written overall: 1,368 per day
Average words written on 7 “writing days”: 2,150 per day
Days to goal using overall average: 106+
Days to 20k and first reveal: 4+

Robert Writes a Book – Day 8

A below average output today, but it’s Friday and it took me a while to get going this morning because of the news of the day.

Nevertheless, 1,232 new words written, mostly about a fictionalized version of events that happened in my own life nearly 17 years ago. Whether it stays in its current form until the end remains to be seen, but it was fun to write about something happy.

Total word count is 13,639, and at my current pace, I might be sharing part of this thing with y’all by the middle of next week. (I promised to share something at 20,000 words, and I’m going to try and stick to that promise.)

The As Yet Untitled Story About a Dude is still about 3 months from completions, and said Dude still hasn’t really done anything but reflect on his life, but I think I’ll soon find out why exactly he is so introspective.

Daily Stats:
Total words written: 13,639 (+1,232)
Daily average: 1,705 (down from 1,772)
Days to end goal: 85+
Days to 20k: 3+

Robert Writes a Book – Day 7

Done writing for today, so here’s the still Untitled Adventures of a Guy Named Blank stats you’ve been waiting to see. 1,876 new words written today that were all much more exciting than the 2,100+ mostly spent on 9/11 from Tuesday.

As a bit of an early spoiler, if you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, there is a military element to the story (write what you know, right?), so that day might be a pretty big deal when all is said and done.

Total words written: 12,407! Works out to 39 pages as formatted in “book” style, and I have averaged 1,772 words a day for the past week. At that pace, I’ll reach my goal of 160,000 words (so many!!) in a little over 83 days.

Daily Stats:
Total words written: 12,407 (+1,876)
Daily average: 1,772 (up from 1,755)
Days to end goal: 83+
Days to 20k: 4+