Square Continues Its Fast Growth Towards Profitability

Square (NYSE: SQ) reported earnings after the market closed on May 2, 2018, and the payment processor continues to show strong growth where it matters:

  • Total net revenue of $669 million, up from $462 million (45% increase year-over-year)
  • Gross payment volume of $17.8 billion, up from $13.6 billion (31% increase YOY)
  • Adjusted revenue of $307 million, up from $204 million (51% increase YOY)

If you’ll recall from a few weeks ago – and from my earnings reports on Visa (NYSE: V), PayPal Holdings (Nasdaq: PYPL), and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) – Square is part of my “War on Cash” basket. Unlike the others, Square is not yet profitable, and as the smallest of the four has some catching up to do, but nevertheless appears to be going in the same direction. Continue reading

What I Watch in My Stocks, Part 2

Note: This is a continuation of my post from yesterday. Feel free to go read the two introductory paragraphs there if you want to know the purpose of these posts!

Up first today are the four companies in my “War on Cash” basket, which is an idea that I I admit I’m stealing this idea from Jason Moser of The Motley Fool, who calls the “War on Cash” one of the more interesting developments in investing.

Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE: MA) [Earnings – May 2 Before Market Open (BMO] – For Mastercard, the word is CASH. Chances are, we are going to get further removed from using cash in our lives, so companies like Mastercard will benefit because it is their infrastructure that a cashless society will run. Mastercard is the second largest of the four companies, with $186.7B in market cap, $12.5B in revenue and $4.7B in income. This is the longest held of the four “War on Cash” companies that I own, and I plan on holding them for a while.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: PYPL) [Earnings – April 25 AMC] – PayPal joins Mastercard with the word CASH. A recent addition to the portfolio, I was simply rounding out the thesis behind the “War on Cash” basket mentioned above. PayPal was spun off from eBay a few years ago, and they have been successful in their own right since being granted its independence. It’s the third largest of the “War on Cash” companies, checking in with a market cap of $95.4B, annual revenue of $13.1B, and income of $1.98B. Continue reading